Friday, 5 July 2013

Mad Science Party

We had such a good time at my son's Mad Science Party a few weeks back I had to do a post on it.  It doesn't strictly fit with my art theme here, however I do believe planning and organising a themed birthday party requires a lot of creativity.  I just love it!  Decorated cakes and cookies is edible art work.  Researching for the party was so much fun as was testing all the experiments!

So here a few pictures and key things that we did:

  • We put a sign on the front door saying "Scan to enter" with a hand print on it
  • I cut up green plastic table clothes and put them on either door in our laundry to make it look like it was a sanitation area
  • We put signs on the Laboratory door (my studio) saying you are now entering Professor Leo's Laboratory
  • The kids decorated our blackboard wall under the stairs with a science theme
  • My mum lent me some huge glass bottles which we filled with coloured water and placed around the "lab"
The Lab in action
  • I also filled some small jars with fake animals, cauliflower (brains) and coloured water
  • I got out all my old science books (I have a science degree), plasma ball and lava lamps and put them around the rooms
  • All the children had a finger scan (Iphone app) to enter the sanitation area
  • Then they had an antibiotic (jellybean)
  • Washed their hands (squirt of antibacterial gel), 
  • Put on a Lab coat (shirt from op shop with name tag on it) and safety goggles ($2 shop).  
  • Clip board and pencil to mark off experiments as we did them

  • Jelly Marbles 
  • Baking Soda and Vinegar Fizzes
  • Baking Soda and Vinegar Balloons
  • Slime

  • Elephants Toothpaste

  • Instant Snow
  • Mentos and Diet Coke Geysers

  • Air Rockets
*I have a list of all experiments (how to and explanations) if anyone wants me to email it to them

  • Petri Dish & Test Tube Jellies 
  • Science Cookies
  • Fruit
  • Sushi
  • Cupcake Experimentation's Station (decorate your own cupcake and experiment with toppings)

  • The Cake - A flask with purple potion bubbling out (exactly what my son asked for...)

  • Test tube with the jelly marbles
  • Test tube with instant snow powder
  • Popping Candy
  • Homemade Science Biscuit
  • Slime made at the party
It was SO much fun!  A great theme for a child's birthday party.  Leo grinned the entire party.  Thanks to all the wonderful bloggers and pinners out there whom I got ideas from.



  1. Hi there! I love all your ideas here--found your site from artful parent. Would you be able to email me your instructions info if you still have it available? My almost 6 year old daughter wants a science bday party too! thanks!

  2. Hello, thanks for sharing this amazing birthday party, it is the coolest i have ever seen. Is not yiur field? It looks like you know a lot about it!
    Well done! I can see how much you live your son by the time you spent preparing the birthday party , all planned well in advance ...
    Thanks I will try few things with mine ;)

    1. Thanks Maria - I actually did study science at Uni. I just love experimenting. I now run Science Art Holiday workshops as well as Art workshops. Happy to send you my notes from this party if you need some instructions. Just email me at Cheers Fiona

  3. How adorable, well done. I would like a list of you experiments for my daughters up coming birthday party, especially elephant toothpaste and jelly marbles! My3crowes at gmail dot com

  4. What an amazing party for kids! The kids look captivated! My son would like a science party..could you please send me a list of the Thanks for sharing this!