Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Witches Legs

I've seen a few versions of these on Pinterest.  So cute! I applied the same technique we used for our Happy Penguins. A tempura cake painted background (minimal clean up and dries fast), coloured paper and lots of embellishments.

What you need:
  • A3 white paper
  • coloured & black paper
  • Precut boots (I decided to do this as I could see the children struggling with this)
  • sequins
  • black lace
  • buttons, bells etc
  • glue
  • oil pastels
  • sissors
  • black wool and pom poms
  • tempura paint & brushes

How to:
  • Ask each child to paint a background using tempura cakes
  • Leave to dry (we did the spooky trees during this time)
  • Arrange legs, boots and piece of paper for skirt on the paper
  • cut out skirt
  • glue everything down
  • add embelishments
  • use oil pastel to add details
  • add spider and thread (optional)

The Results:
Done by 5-9 year olds.  V cute. I love the ones with the boots pointing inwards. Great work!


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