Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Paint and Oil Pastel Jellyfish

These are inspired by this pin.  Thank goodness for Pinterest hey?  I think that sentence is how I've started my last three posts.  Not that I'm a Pinterest junkie or anything (ahem....).

What you need:
  • White A3 paper
  • Cool Colour Paints (I just used a set of 6 cool colour Tempera cakes that I have)
  • Big Paintbrushes
  • Oil Pastels (ensure there is white)

How To:
  • I asked them to paint their backgrounds by using every colour in the paint pan.  This ensured there was a mix of colour in the background.
  • Leave to dry (we left it to the next week)
  • Draw on jellyfish using a white oil pastel 
  • Use coloured oil pastels for further details if they wish

The Results:

Jellyfish can be so pretty....

If you have any children away for week one when you paint the backgrounds, this lesson also works really well on black paper - check this one out:


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