Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Mix it Up!

When I first saw the book "Mix it Up" by Herve Tullet I knew I just had to base a lesson on it.  It is so addictive and fun and perfect to teach colour theory.  I had planned a different colour theory lesson yet then I purchased this book and was running this lesson the very next week.

If you haven't heard of Herve Tullet, he is a French author, illustrator and artist who has written over 60 children's books.  His best known one here in Australia is "Press Here". His books are very interactive with the reader.

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The kids really seemed to enjoy this lesson as it was lots of smudging colours together (no paintbrushes) and it was a little messy...

We just followed the book page by page...

What you need:
  • Paint (we used Tempera) in Blue, Yellow, Red, White and Black 
  • Additional paint colours for final page (they could make their own yet it was easy to just give them a lid with all the colours on it)
  • Lots of Paper (I just used A4 office paper)
  • Wash cloth for each child
How To:
  • I didn't read the book to them first as I didn't want them to have the answers. 
  • We just started on the first page and went from there.  
  • The first page asks them to tap on a grey spot so I got them to tap on an imaginary grey dot on the desk in front of them.
  • We kept tapping until we got to the magic hand page.
  • They put their own hand on a piece of white paper, traced around it and cut it out.
  • This "magic hand" sat next to them for the rest of the lesson
  •  I then handed out the paint on lids with a blob of each of the primary colours
  • Each child also got a wash cloth to clean their finger with after dipping it in each colour
  • From here we just followed the book page by page, making a few small variations if required.
  • The children put each page created on the drying rack with their name on it and then grabbed the next piece from a pile on the bench.
  • Once it got to the adding white or black, I walked around and added a small squirt of colour to their lids.
  • The final page was made by using the additional colours to add fingerprints all over a page and then they glued their "magic hand" on top.
  • They also created a front cover for their books
  • When all the pages were dry I assembled them in order and stapled down the side, creating a personalised "Mix it Up" book for each child to take home.
 Here is an example of one of the books:

Colour theory at its best.


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