Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Oil Pastel Bubbles

 There have been a few pins floating around Pinterest lately with bubble pictures.  See here and here and here

They look great and what an excuse to have some fun with bubbles before class!   I also used this lesson as the perfect excuse to buy a bubble machine and bubble gun...we are all children at heart!  I'm trying to keep them for myself yet my children seem to want them too!

What you need:
  • Black Paper
  • Oil Pastels
  • Lids of different sizes
How To:
  • Blow / use machine to produce bubbles and get the children to observe them (not pop or chase or bump into them....good luck with that!).  Ask them what colours do they see? Are they all the same size? Are some joined together? Can you see where the sun hits them? Can you see through them? Do they all have the same colours? 
  • Then ask the children to trace the lids with a white oil pastel.  Encourage them to do some half off the page, some overlapping and to use different sizes.
  • Add colour with coloured oil pastels
The Results:

Bubbles are so cool!


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