Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Mini Mosaic Stars and Flowers

My Monday art class had a lovely excursion down to the Patterson Station Mosaics on the first lesson of the year.  There is a wonderful display of over 650 mosaic faces that were created and /or coordinated by Pamela Irving, a local mosaic artist.  We are very lucky to have the mosaics and Pamela's gallery just a short walk from the studio.  We were also very fortunate that Pamela was able to meet us at her studio and show us around.  She was our artist of the week the first week of term and it was so wonderful to actually meet the artist in the flesh!

With mosaics on the mind I decided that each child should do a small mosaic.

What you need:
  • Plywood cutouts (I purchased them at Bunnings Warehouse)
  • Small mosaic tiles (purchased online and some at Bunnings Warehouse) and glass gems (from discount shops)
  • PVA or Weldbond glue
  • Grout (I used black - a messy choice I had black nails for weeks yet I do quite like the result)
How to:
  • Drill hole in wood for hanging
  • Glue on tiles
  • Let dry
  • Grout
  • Attach ribbon

The Results:

A pile of pretty mosaics ready for ribbons and hanging


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