Monday, 29 June 2015

Charcoal and Chalk Pastel Animals

We have just done a lesson concentrating on using charcoal and chalk pastels.

I just love using these, they are truly messy as all good art should be.  I try to remind the children to "paint with their fingers" when using these mediums so they can smudge the medium into and around the paper.  This really reminds me of finger painting.

I gave three examples for the children to use as inspiration, a penguin, owl's eyes and a koala.  The idea was to draw the subject in charcoal and then to add only a little colour (limited to one or two colours) for interest.  Some children followed these rules and some didn't (it's a bit hard tell them off for breaking the rules since I'm always telling them there are no rules in art....ahem).

Here is what they produced!  Some children really excelled in this lesson.  Well done!  Yes, there are a lot of photo's - my speedy workers can produce over 3 pictures in just one lesson..


Saturday, 27 June 2015

Painted Paper Chickens

Some of the students in my Tuesday and Thursday classes produced these cute chickens a few weeks ago. Aren't they the cutest?


Thursday, 25 June 2015

Matisse Fish Bowls - Painting with Scissors

I just love how Matisse called his collage technique "painting with scissors".  It makes collage work seem so exciting.  In typical Matisse style these artworks ended up bright, colourful and fun!  There are quite a few lessons for this on the internet, I drew inspiration from a few yet especially the Artolazzi one.

 What you need:
  • White paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Accessories
  • Painted or marbled paper (we used our marbled paper left over from mothers day presents for most of the fish bowls)
  • Metallic paper (optional - I just put some out as I had some)
  • Paints (we just used tempera blocks)
  • Paint brushes

How to:
  • Show the children how to draw a 3D room
  • Paint making sure they use bring colours and put in some interesting wallpaper (in Mattise style)
  • Whilst background is drying they can cut out the fishbowl, fish, leaves for background and table
  • Glue onto background
The Results:


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Birch Trees

I've seen lots of different versions of this lesson on Pinterest over the years.  I even tried it out myself about two years ago yet it seems to have taken ages to make it into one of my lessons. 

I planned to do this as an autumn lesson, yet the 3 weeks of clay went on and on and before I knew it winter was upon us.  Some children were happy to keep with the autumn theme, yet some insisted that it is now winter and used cool colours instead.  It's nice to have strong minded children in the class I guess (one of them was my own of course!).

Still love how these turned out.  A nice easy yet effective lesson. 

What you need:
  • Paint (cool or warm colours)
  • Sponges
  • White paper x 2
  • Credit cards
  • Watered down black paint or black ink
  • Scissors and glue
How to:
  • Sponge the paints all over the white piece of paper
  • Leave to dry
Birch Trees
  • Use a credit card dipped in ink to make trees by scraping it across the paper in lines
  • Do this in portrait orientation so that the trees are long
  • Leave to dry
Putting it all together
  • Cut out birch trees.  Glue to background (in landscape mode).  Cut off extra tree hanging off the edges.  Hopefully this avoids floating trees when the bottom doesn't line up.
 The Results:


The Winter Holiday Challenge is Here!

We are about to embark on 2 weeks of Winter School holidays - BRRR!  Yet it is also the perfect time to rug up indoors and do lots of CREATING!!!   There is nothing better than playing with wool on those cold winter days, so that's the theme of the winter holiday challenge these holidays.

This is usually only open to my current students yet I will accept entries from children that attend the holiday workshops as well (they can just use a piece of wool they have at home).  Great prizes to be won (announced early Term 3).  Entries due by the first week of Term 3.



Keep creating these school holidays by entering the Sunnyside Art House Winter Holiday Challenge……

All you need to do is create a piece of artwork using some wool.

You may add more wool or use other art materials (such as paint, pastels, pencils, clay etc).

Some ideas are:

  • Do a drawing and glue your wool to the picture
  • Use your wool to do some finger knitting or knitting
  • Use your wool to do some sewing
  • Dip your wool into some paint and do a wool painting
  • Wrap your wool around a stick or other object
  • Use your wool to hang a piece of artwork you have made
  • Use your wool to make a dream catcher
  • Use your wool to make a pom pom

Let your imagination go wild and think up other ideas.  

A novelty eraser to everyone who enters and there will be prizes for the best entries.
Have a great creative, relaxing holidays!


Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Three weeks of Clay.....

We have just finished up a mammoth 3 weeks of clay both in my classes and at Art Club at school.  I seem to have clay absolutely EVERYWHERE!  The studio is as dirty as its ever been....yet its been so so so FUN!

I just love working with clay so its also given me an opportunity to play around a bit more myself, especially on the wheel. 

The artwork produced by the children has just been amazing.  Fingers crossed it all survives the trip out to Clayworks in Dandenong (where I get it fired since I don't have a kiln) and none of them blow up in the kiln.

I usually get all the children to work on the same project yet this time I let them choose what they wanted to make.  I've given suggestions and samples of what has worked in the past and even put some of my own creations out as inspiration.  What we have ended up with is a lovely variety of clay works ranging from cups, bowls, plates, pinch pots and sculpture.

That said it made it a busy class for me helping 10 students with individual projects and helping someone on the wheel at the same time.  With 40 students coming through my classes in a week and an extra 20 with art club that is a lot of clay work over 3 weeks! Lucky there is a long weekend coming up so I can have a mini break and let the back rest up from all that leaning over.

Above are a few sneak previews of the creations.  There are a few more weeks of drying to go, then the trip to the kiln, then the trip back, then we will glaze them, then they go back to the kiln, another trip back to my studio and finally home.  Pottery is a very long slow process!  Parents / students don't expect them back until at least half way through Term 3! That said I can't wait to post about the final products.

I am sending some projects home now though.  Some children produced way more items than I could fire or some of the works were too cracked or likely to contain air bubbles to fire.  I also had quite a few wonky pots from the pottery wheel.  The children painted these items with just regular tempera paint.  Most of the pottery was produced using paper clay (I like using this as it gives me the choice of firing the items or not) so they should hold up fairly well when dry (yet are still more fragile than normal air dry clay or fired pottery).

I hope your children loved working with clay as much as I did!