Thursday, 15 August 2013

Weaving with Paper

Our household has gone crazy with yarn knitting and weaving over the past few weeks.  It must be all of this cold weather!

Painted Paper Weaving (6 year old)

Our class theme this week was WEAVING. 

We started with paper weaving to master the basics.  After searching the web, I decided to base the lesson on this pin as I loved the colour and simplicity of this paper weaving.  After the paper weaving we moved onto yarn weaving which I will post about next.

What you need:
  • painted paper (I used up all of the extra paint from the previous two weeks to make this paper)
  • Black markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • Oil pastels
  • Sheet of A3 black paper
How to:
  • Ask the children to draw lines on their painted paper with a black marker. I said they didn't have to be exactly straight and they could make them interesting if they wanted.  
  • Ask the children to cut out the strips of paper
  • Once they have at least 5 strips of paper they can glue one end down onto a black piece of paper
  • They then wove the other strips through
  • Once the weaving was complete they glued down all the loose ends
  • The final step was to decorate with oil pastels
The Results:

Paper Weaving (5 to 9 years)

Our artist of the week is Murray Walker.  Murray was the artist responsible for planning, designing and coordinating the "The Federation Tapestry" which was commissioned to mark the centenary of Australia's Federation in 2001.  It is displayed at the Melbourne Museum.  It took over 2 years to produce (20,000 hours) and 22 artist-weavers were involved.  Its is 41 metres in length.

Part of the Federation Tapestry


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