Thursday, 1 August 2013

Still Life Paintings

Still Life (7 year old)

This week we studied still life paintings.  The art table looked lovely filled with fruit, vegetables, obects and vases of flowers.  We started the lesson by discussing aspects of drawing and painting a still life (shading, colour, deciding what to include) and then we looked at various still life artworks (including Van Goghs sunflowers which influenced some young painters). 

Still Life (7 year old)

Some of the children in my class tend to finish their art very quickly looking for something new to do after about 20 minutes.  For this lesson I asked them to try and work on the one piece of work for the whole lesson and to go as slow as they could.  This was quite a challenge for some yet I was really impressed with how hard they tried.  These paintings were all produced in one session (approx 1.5 hrs).

Still LIfe (8 year old)

What you need:
  • Pieces of Canvas from a Pad (I used this as I had some.  It added a lovely quality to the work and the children enjoyed painting on a new medium)
  • Tempura or Acrylic Paints in Primary colours plus black and white.
  • Various sized Paintbrushes
  • Masking tape

Still Life (7 year old)
 How To:
  • Canvas tends to curl when it is painted on so I taped the pieces to the table prior to the children arriving.  When the tape was removed it left a lovely white frame.
  • First the children drew their picture on the canvas with a pencil
  • Once this was finished I handed out the paints, encouraging them to use the double loading technique I taught them the previous week.
  • The children were instructed to cover their canvas so there was no white showing (if they wanted white they had to paint that part white)
The Results:
Still Life Paintings (5 years to 12 years)

Our artist of the week was Paul Cezanne as he painted many still life's.

Paul Cezanne - Basket of Apples


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