Monday, 29 June 2015

Charcoal and Chalk Pastel Animals

We have just done a lesson concentrating on using charcoal and chalk pastels.

I just love using these, they are truly messy as all good art should be.  I try to remind the children to "paint with their fingers" when using these mediums so they can smudge the medium into and around the paper.  This really reminds me of finger painting.

I gave three examples for the children to use as inspiration, a penguin, owl's eyes and a koala.  The idea was to draw the subject in charcoal and then to add only a little colour (limited to one or two colours) for interest.  Some children followed these rules and some didn't (it's a bit hard tell them off for breaking the rules since I'm always telling them there are no rules in art....ahem).

Here is what they produced!  Some children really excelled in this lesson.  Well done!  Yes, there are a lot of photo's - my speedy workers can produce over 3 pictures in just one lesson..


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