Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The Winter Holiday Challenge is Here!

We are about to embark on 2 weeks of Winter School holidays - BRRR!  Yet it is also the perfect time to rug up indoors and do lots of CREATING!!!   There is nothing better than playing with wool on those cold winter days, so that's the theme of the winter holiday challenge these holidays.

This is usually only open to my current students yet I will accept entries from children that attend the holiday workshops as well (they can just use a piece of wool they have at home).  Great prizes to be won (announced early Term 3).  Entries due by the first week of Term 3.



Keep creating these school holidays by entering the Sunnyside Art House Winter Holiday Challenge……

All you need to do is create a piece of artwork using some wool.

You may add more wool or use other art materials (such as paint, pastels, pencils, clay etc).

Some ideas are:

  • Do a drawing and glue your wool to the picture
  • Use your wool to do some finger knitting or knitting
  • Use your wool to do some sewing
  • Dip your wool into some paint and do a wool painting
  • Wrap your wool around a stick or other object
  • Use your wool to hang a piece of artwork you have made
  • Use your wool to make a dream catcher
  • Use your wool to make a pom pom

Let your imagination go wild and think up other ideas.  

A novelty eraser to everyone who enters and there will be prizes for the best entries.
Have a great creative, relaxing holidays!


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