Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Winter Holiday Workshop Wrap Up

Today was the last day of my 7 Art workshops for the winter holidays.  Thanks so much to those that attended I was chuffed that they were all full and the children that came to the studio were all so polite and lovely to get to know. 

I was very fortunate with the weather and the sun shone down on us most workshops.  We ate morning or afternoon tea outside and the children released some energy in the garden at break.  Vital things to me in producing great art is 1. Not to be hungry and 2. Have regular breaks. 

We talked about some inspiring artists during the workshops, Laurel Burch and George Rodrigue. Both their styles evokes a sense of happiness, colour and enthusiasm.

I tried to capture photos yet as usual missed a few yet here is a bit of a summary of some of the great art produced over the past two weeks. 

Remember its not always about the end product or the piece the child produces in the class, its all about enjoying the process of producing art.  I hope the children leave my classes believing they can be an artist and they can create lovely works of art.  In art there are no right ways and wrong ways, they need to find their own style and practice.  I hope some of them continue to create when they get home.




 Rainy Day Watercolours:

Watercolour Owls:

Pirate Ships & Maps:

 Blue Dog:

Keep Creating!


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