Monday, 16 March 2015

Hearts 4 Ways....

We did these hearts for Valentines Day....yes I may be just a wee bit behind in my posts!  Watch out I'm about to send a flourish of backdated posts your way.  Its going to look as if we have been the busiest art bees ever..

Back to the hearts - can I just say I LOVE drawing and painting hearts?  They are so easy and simplistic and somehow always look really good.  Most children can draw hearts without too much trouble.

I've been inspired over the past few years by Hazel McNab who has been drawing a heart a day for over 1000 days.  How awesome, how creative!  Some of the children were struggling on 4 different ways to draw or colour their hearts and I would be saying well look at Hazel she can think of a different way to draw a heart EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Check out her 366 Hearts project here.


We also looked at Jim Dines hearts 'cause you can't really do a watercolour heart without looking at his fabulous hearts.  Those drips and colours he used were just wonderful...

I also used this lesson to let the children freely experiment with different watercolour techniques and materials.  You don't need that big list of supplies I've listed below.

What you need:
  • Watercolour paper cut into 4 squares
  • Black A3 paper to mount them on
  • Liquid Watercolours & Paintbrushes
  • Black markers and / or oil pastels
  • Lemon juice (optional)
  • Rubbing alcohol (optional)
  • Salt (optional)
  • Watercolour pencils, Inktense sticks, Water soluble pastels (optional)
  • Glitter and sequins (optional) 

How To:
  • We practised drawing hearts different ways in our visual arts diaries as a warm up
  • Then we drew 4 different hearts on our watercolour paper squares
  • These were painted whilst experimenting with different watercolour techniques
  • Leave to dry
  • Next lesson glue onto black background and add glitter and sequins
The Results:

My heart is full of Art.....


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