Sunday, 1 September 2013

Clay Faces for Father's Day

I've been fortunate enough to go into my daughters classroom over the past few weeks to do an art activity with the children.  Its been lots of fun and they have been perfect students. 

We recently made these clay faces.  I'm really pleased with how they turned out. 

The faces are made out of paper clay (normal clay with paper pulp added to give extra strength when dry).  I supplied each child with a ball of clay and a wooden skewer and they created them from there.  The children painted the hair and skin colour when the clay was wet.  The following week the children added a few more features with paint and a background on cardboard with oil pastels.  The final step was to glue the clay face to the cardboard and cover it with Mod Podge to give it a gloss finish (photos prior to this step).  The children also wrote about their dad and it was glued to the back.

 If you notice a few animals in there we used the book "My Dad" by Anthony Browne as inspiration and children were told they could represent their Dad in any way they pleased.

Nice work kids!


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