Sunday, 6 October 2013

Paper Mâché Owls - Part 2

This is the second part of my Paper Mâché Owl post click here to see Part One.

The children (aged 5 to 9 years) have finally completed their owls.  They worked on these for 5 weeks!!  However it's only been 10 - 20 minutes at a time.

Week One - First layer of paper mache 
Week Two - Second layer of paper mâché (white paper)
Week Three - Paint base colour 
Week Four - Paint features
Week Five - Add glitter, sequins, eyes and further details.

I coated them with Mod Podge prior to sending them home.

The Results:

A couple of things I would do differently next time to cut down time:
  •  I would use a layer of coloured paper rather than white, this eliminates the need to paint a base coat.
  •  I would possibly not paint them at all yet instead offer materials to stick on the owls (fabric cut out in wing shapes), felt hearts, cut out or goggle eyes, paper beaks, painted paper shapes, sequins etc etc. (children really struggled to paint the round shape in detail).
The children LOVED doing Paper Mache and it was nice to just do a little bit on them each week.  With the rice in them they shake like maraca's and rock about on the table if you push them.


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