Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Snow in Melbourne? Plasticine Snow worlds and Snowman window decals

In the final days before Christmas the art and craft doesn't stop in our house.  On our first home day of holidays the kids decorated our windows with snowmen and fake snow and made a little snow scene box.

These were really easy, just cut out three circles from coloured paper, baking paper or contact (we had some pretty silver contact).  Stick to the window (we used a glue stick for the paper ones - it will wash off when you take them down).  Cut out eyes, buttons, hats from paper and glue on.  You can also use window markers to add details.  Spray some fake snow onto the window.  Now it looks cold and snowy in Melbourne!

Plasticine Snow Scenes
I made some little boxes with sides (to keep the snow in) from some cardboard I had lying around.  The kids then made Christmas figurines out of Plasticine to put into the box.  We had some fake snow left from Leo's science party so we had some fun making that and adding to the boxes to make it look all snowy...

The kids also asked to make their own snow globes yet I ran out of energy - another time!


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