Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Splatter, bubble and ice painting workshop

It was forecast for 44 degrees....should I run the class or not I pondered....

I went and purchased extra water pistols and sprayers, I froze our fruit for morning tea, put lots of ice in the water and I put on the water sprinkler and hoped for the best.  We survived (some of my plants didn't)!  The children got wet and with all that water pistol and running under the sprinkler action it was definitely an "Action Painting" class.

Our feature artist was Jackson Pollock and we started by watching a short video about his work.  This was followed by some action painting or splatter painting.  Look at some of the great results...

Splatter painting in action
After lots of water play and morning tea we also did some bubble painting and some ice painting.  Lots of fun...

Bubble Painting

Ice Painting

Ice Painting
I have never done ice painting before.  Its really fun and easy.  Simply fill ice cube trays with water, add some food colouring, pop in some pop sticks and freeze.  Once frozen, pop out of trays,  place on a plate and paint away.  The results are very much like watercolours.  A great activity for a very HOT day.

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