Thursday, 13 November 2014

Halloween Lesson - Glitter Spiderwebs & Painted Sillouettes


Happy belated Halloween!

We had a great lesson with the studio "all dressed up" for Halloween.  Here are some pictures:

I made these spiderwebs with my school art club

In this lesson we completed our glitter spiderwebs (we started these a few weeks back) and then we did some spooky Halloween silhouettes (on watercolour backgrounds we also prepared in an earlier lesson).  A Halloween lesson is not complete without making some lollipop ghosts to take home.


What you need:
  • Glue in small bottles
  • Black Paper
  • Glitter (we used what I had, yet silver looks best) - LOTS!
  • Oil Pastels
  • Fake spiders / flies or items to make spiders (pom poms, pipe cleaners etc)
How To:
  • Show the children how to draw a simple spiderweb (circle in middle of page, larger circles around this until page filled, then starting in middle of smallest circle draw lines from middle of page to edge of paper, radiating out).
  • Using the glue they can then draw their spiderweb onto the black paper (I had some children that wanted to draw in pencil first, after the first lesson I discouraged this, its much easier to do it freehand - spiderwebs don't need to be perfect they get broken and go wonky all the time in the wind).
  • Then cover all glue lines with glitter until you can't see any more white (yes this needs a lot of glitter!!)
  • Place carefully on drying rack flat until glue has dried (about 2 days for us)
  • Shake off excess glitter (make sure you collect it for future use)
  • Colour in spiderweb with oil pastels
  • Add fake or handmade spiders with glue
The results:
 I love these!


What you need:
  • Background paper in sunset colours - we used watercolour paper we produced when testing the wet on wet method in an earlier lesson.  Just orange paper would be fine.
  • Watered down black paint
  • Thin paint brushes
  • Glow in the Dark Paint
  • Stencils (optional)
How To:
  • With a pencil draw in the scene.  Since I have quite a few younger students I produced some stencils they could trace around to help them out.  I asked them all to add some of their own drawings as well.
  • Paint in eyes, windows and anywhere else they want with glow in the dark paint
  • Paint in the rest of the silhouettes with black paint
The results:
Rather spooky....The twist was that we used glow in the dark paint so the kids can hang these up in their bedrooms and look at the glow.....


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