Sunday, 3 May 2015

Screen Free Week - May 4th to May 10th

Its Screen Free week this week - we are participating are you?  My children are objecting of course yet I've given them a few weeks to get used to the idea and they have now accepted their fate.

You can read all about screen free week here.

There is a great post on screen free week activities by Zina Harrington on The Artful Parent.  This is what inspired me......

What a wonderful opportunity to get CREATIVE!  Poppy, Leo and I were very creative this weekend when we produced the artwork below for the Kingston Art Blitz - theme this year Fusion...Lot's of fun by the way - you all need to do it with us next year!

Of course if you are reading this post you haven't yet started your screen free week (we will forgive you if you start a little late).  I'm posting this Sunday evening yet it seems to take overnight to show up on the blog.

Of course this will be a challenge for me too - yet I'm quite looking forward to the whole thing.  Maybe I will have some early nights without the distraction of Pinterest!

Good luck to you if you try it!


PS. My Mothers Day post will be delayed to after Mothers Day due to screen free week (this gives you a chance to open your presents and enjoy some screen free time with your children...).

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there - enjoy your day.

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