Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Painting, Drawing and Stenciling on Stones

Let's admit it - we all love a bit of Rock Art!

The children really got into this and I ran a similar lesson in art club with equal success.

First I introduced the children to three artists:

Banksy - for stencil art (and we are looking at Street Art this term).  We loved watching this youtube video of some of his artwork.
Bryan Payne - Produces Doodle stones and then hides them.  The kids so loved this concept. They could write "finders keepers" (or FK for short) on the back of their stones and hide them in my garden at the end of the lesson if they wanted too.  All kids love a bit of a treasure hunt!  Click here for more info on Bryan.
Elspeth McLean - Australian artist who produces the most amazing mandala stones (and paintings) using only dots.  She calls herself a Dotillism Artist.  Check out her work by clicking here for her website and here for a youtube video of her stone work.  Just amazing!

What you need:
  • Acrylic Paints (if you want them to keep outside)
  • Black Permanent Markers
  • Coloured Permanent markers or paint markers (we used Posca).
  • Paint brushes and water pots
  • Cotton tips and toothpicks
  • Stencils
How To:
  • Stencilled stones - place stencil on stone, paint, remove stencil
  • Doodle stones - draw anything on the stone with permanent markers
  • Dot Stones - use cotton tips or toothpicks to create dots all over the stone
  • Free choice - use any materials to create anything on the stone..
Some of our Stones:


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