Sunday, 14 February 2016

Valentines Hearts & Random Acts of Kindness Week

Its Random Acts of Kindness Week from the 14th Feb - 20th Feb. 

There is more information and even a kindness pledge you can take on the following site:

There is also an Australian organization promoting anonymous acts of kindness:

You can order free kindness cards from them to give out.

To celebrate Valentines Day we made Valentines Hearts out of homemade air dry clay (for the recipe click here -  I love this clay we use it for Christmas ornaments and we used it for clay doughnuts in class last year).  I had already planned on making hearts of this air dry clay as I had some left over in the fridge from Christmas and then Happy Hooligans posted about some glittery ones and I thought why not?  I LOVE glitter (obviously not as much as the kids in my class WOW they used a lot of glitter!).

The idea of making hearts came from this post by Meri Cherry who made them out of polymer clay (too expensive for the amount I needed, would be perfect for small groups) and then gave them out as Random Acts of Kindness - perfect I thought I will combine the two!  So we now have glittery Valentine Hearts that we are giving out as Random Acts of Kindness....

I loved this version of some random acts of kindness kids can do so I printed it out and attached it to their hearts so when all the hearts are gone they an keep on giving by reading more ideas....

May much kindness come your way this week....and see if you can also ensure you carry out some random acts of kindness too....


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