Saturday, 29 July 2017

Winter Holiday Challenge Winners

The theme for the winter school holiday challenge was SNOW.

As usual the entries for the school holiday challenge were just incredible!

Congratulations to everyone who entered.  A fabulous effort to continue creating throughout the school holidays!

Congratulations to my winners:

1st Prize - Lucy Ellis

Lucy E, this box also had snow flakes all around the outside as well.....

Equal 2nd Prize - Sophie L & Jemma F

Sophie L
Jemma F

3rd Prize: Gracie B
Gracie B

Highly Commended - Caitlyn S, Zahra, Lucy D, Adelaide E, Pippa A

Caitlyn S
Pippa Asome

Adelaide E

Lucy D

Zahra - amazing snowman
Zahra - amazing snow sculpture

Zahra - amazing snow bear


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