Friday, 1 March 2013

Paper Clay Creations

This week we painted our Paper Clay sculptures.  I did find that paper clay is still somewhat brittle and we did encounter some breakages (which were easily fixed).  I think the sculptures look GORGEOUS painted in bright acrylic paints and sprayed with gloss enamel.  The children did such a good job.  I asked them to cover up all the white clay and amazingly they all listened!  Here are a few close up shots.....

I also had a little play with the paper clay and made the white and green bowl below.  With the gloss spray on them they look a little like glazed clay.


A few weeks ago our artist of the week was Van Gogh so I decided to get the children to do their own 'Starry Night" interpretation..  We watched a short you tube video click here which showed the Van Gogh starry night picture moving.  I asked them to keep this in mind when they did their own painting to see if they could do lots of swirls in different colours with short lines to give the idea of movement in their painting.  We will finish these paintings next week with oil pastels on top of the acrylic paints to add highlights. 

The artist of the week is a female artist - Georgia O'Keeffe.  I love her close up pictures of flowers. We will be drawing flowers with chalk pastels in a few weeks and I think Georgia's paintings will be a great inspiration.

Georgia O'Keeffe 'Petunia 2'
I've also been playing around with the formatting of the blog so you might see a few changes over the next few weeks.  Feel free to comment.

Cheerio for this week

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