Thursday, 15 May 2014

Beautiful Oops..

I based last weeks lesson on the book "Beautiful Oops" by Barney Saltzberg.  I just LOVE this book!  Its important to remind children that its OK to make a mistake.  Its OK to have an OOPS, make the most of it and turn it into something BEAUTIFUL!  

So often children get frustrated that their artwork isn't working as they wanted - yet if they persist it often ends up being a masterpiece. I'm always reminding them of this in my classes, yet basing an entire lesson on this theme really drove the point home.  They actually enjoyed it much more than I expected.  Some really impressed me with their imaginations.  I really enjoyed seeing them celebrate an OOPS!

To listen to the book on You Tube click here:

All you need for this lesson is the book and scraps of paper with holes, bent corners and rips.  I also stuck some screwed up paper onto some black paper and did some paint dribbles and coffee stains.  I supplied paints, oil pastels, pencils, textas and glue sticks as materials.

I sent the artwork home with them on the day yet here are some that I captured on the way out:

Coffee Stains:

Paint dribbles:

Tears in paper:

Folded paper:

Screwed up paper:

Holes in paper:

Scrap of Newspaper:

May you all make your Oops into something Beautiful!


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