Friday, 20 June 2014

Recycled Art - Tin can robots, wind socks and more...

This lesson was again to do with the environment and reusing old materials.  At the end of the lesson we planted some seeds into a toilet roll pot to enable the children to watch a seed grow.

Tin Can Robots

These were inspired by this pin.

HOW:  Place masking tape on inside of recycled can to ensure the children can't cut themselves.  Put out plates of odds and ends (think bolts, nails, old jewellery, washers, utensils, keys, steel wool, old bits of scrubbers, bottle caps, old bent pipe cleaners, feathers, old pie cases, old door handles, bits of foil).  I also put out strips of magnetic tape (with a sticky side) so they could make any of these things magnetic and magnetic paper so they could draw their own decorations as well.  The idea was to make a robot / creature with the recycled materials available.  Since everything was magnetic their robot / creature could have removable accessories and change their appearance.  Accessories not in use were stored inside the tin can.

This was a big hit with the kids and some worked on their robots all lesson or made more than one.

Tin Can Wind Socks

HOW:  Paint tin cans.  When paint is dry hot glue on lengths of ribbon.  Punch hole in top with nail punch and then thread through some florists wire (or fishing wire) attach a bead to inside to keep wire in place.  Form a loop at the top.

Bottle Top Snakes

HOW:  Thread a pony bead to the end of a piece of florists wire.  Bend wire to keep bead on. Add a few more beads for a tongue.  Thread remainder of wire with bottle caps (punch holes in these first with a nail punch).  Add another bead to end to hold bottle caps on.  Hot glue on eyes.

Bottle Top Circles

HOW: Glue bottle tops to a plate, large round lid or other round object (we used some round boxes I had).

Toilet Roll Plant Pots

HOW:  Simply cut four slits in the bottom of the roll, bend in to form a bottom, fill with potting mix and add your seeds (we used Snow Peas).  Decorate toilet roll if you wish.

Keep on creating and look after the environment!




  1. I love the robot/creature so much but what was the top made of?!!??!

  2. It's from an old coffee plunger.