Friday, 4 July 2014

Homemade Sketchbooks and a Sketchbook Challenge

Victorian school holidays started last week - yippee!!  I love having the kids home and not getting up to do those school lunches..

Of course I couldn't let the children from my classes sit idle for two whole weeks without creating.  Time for a sketchbook challenge!  If you are not in my classes - no worries - join in now (sorry I'm a little late in posting this).  Don't worry too much about doing just one challenge a day, just ensure you get around to doing all the challenges.  I added further motivation to complete it by offering a prize to the best sketchbook shown to me at the end of the holidays - watch for the announcement of the winner in a few weeks time.

 We also made our own sketchbooks - 'cause we could! 

What you need:
  • Watercolour paper (one A4 per child folded in half)
  • Office paper (4 pieces per child folded in half)  
  • Challenge rules (below) printed out and glued into first page 
  • Hole Punch
  • Ribbon
  • Watercolour paints
  • Oil Pastels
How to:
  • Get the children to draw on their watercolour paper with the oil pastels
  • Paint with the watercolours
  • Let dry
  • Fold around the office paper
  • Punch holes with hole punch
  • Thread ribbon through holes and tie bow
The winner and results will be published at the end of the holidays.

Draw one thing each day from the list (in order)

Day 1: Yourself
Day 2: Favourite animal
Day 3: Favourite food
Day 4: Favourite book character
Day 5: A sea creature
Day 6: Your best friend
Day 7: Your family (including pets)
Day 8: Something you want
Day 9: Anything
Day 10: An insect
Day 11: A plant or flowers
Day 12: Comic
Day 13: Something orange
Day 14: A congratulations banner for finishing the challenge

You may use any art materials you wish to draw.

A prize will be awarded to the best sketch book at the start of Term 3 (please bring in your sketchbook to show Fiona first week of term).

Good Luck to everyone and have a lovely creative holidays!


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