Friday, 17 October 2014

Hundertwasser Lollipop Trees

To start the new term I decided to continue on with the theme of landscapes with curvy lines, lots of colour and patterns (last term we studied Ted Harrison, Heather Galler (post still to come, we are finishing these slowly) and Zentangles) and no better artist can finish such a study as Hundertwasser (even if I can't pronounce his name!)....

We did our own take on Hundertwasser's lollipop trees using tempera paint, paper and metallic markers.  As usual I used bits and pieces of inspiration from a few different sources - thanks to Kid Artists for the idea to use metallic markers,  Deep Space Sparkle for the idea to use painted paper and Veronique Stefanica Art Class for the idea of the painted background.

Ages - 5 to 12
Time - This took about an hour

What you need:
  • A3 piece of white paper
  • Tempera paint blocks (you could use regular paints yet if you use the blocks they dry faster)
  • Paint brushes
  • Black Paper
  • Coloured Paper, Painted Paper and Shiny Paper (I just used some I had lying around)
  • Metallic and Black Markers
  • Glue Sticks
  • Black paint for trunks (optional - most children just used black markers)

How To:
  • Paint the backgrounds, leave to dry (I used a hairdryer to dry these quickly so they could do the whole thing in one lesson, yet I only have 10 children)
  • Whilst the background is drying start with the trees
  • Cut out black circles first (we traced around lids of different sizes)
  • Cut out smaller circles with other papers
  • Glue circles together
  • Add detail with metallic markers
  • Glue circles to the background
  • Add details to background with metallic markers (optional)
  • Add trunks to the trees with black marker or black paint

 The Results:

A nice burst of colour - very Hundertwasser!  Did you know that he lived in New Zealand in his later years and was a very keen environmentalist?  Read more about him and other artists on my Artist of the Week page.


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