Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Mosaics inspired by Pamela Irving

My Monday class worked on these mosaics for much of Term 1 (it was a short term).

I think they did the most amazing job on them! 

These were made using ceramic tiles and glass gems that we glued on using Weldbond glue.  The wood used was marine ply and we grouted them using grey grout.  I suggested that they are kept inside or outside under cover as the glue may not hold up over time in the rain (I use cement based tile adhesive for outdoors mosaics, although this is much harder for children to use).

These were inspired by the Stationary Faces Mosaic installation located at Patterson Rd, Bentleigh, (that was coordinated by Pamela Irving whose gallery we visited in our first lesson of the term).  We are so lucky to have this just around the corner from the studio.

Great job Monday class!


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