Thursday, 2 April 2015

Watercolour Easter Bunnies & Eggs

I just loved the Reindeer's we did at Christmas time so when I spied that ARTventurous had done an Easter Bunny version as well I knew I had found our perfect Easter artwork.

These are so cute!

1. Easter Bunnies & Eggs

What you need:
  • Liquid Watercolours
  • Oil Pastel - black
  • Brushes
How to:
  • Demonstrate how to draw a bunny as instructed on ARTventurous.  I also did a little handout for the children. I don't like telling children they have to draw a certain way so my handouts are only there to follow if they wish.  Some children choose to draw the whole bunny.
  • Draw the bunny with black oil pastel (or marker for older children)
  • Paint with watercolours (I encouraged at least two colours in the background)
  • Early Finishers also drew and painted a watercolour Easter Egg
The Results:

2. Painted Wooden Eggs

We also painted some wooden eggs this lesson.  I love how these didn't break when the kids dropped them (and they did....).  I think over 50% of my eggs were broken when I tried decorating boiled eggs last year.  Another bonus - these ones last forever!

What you need:
  • Oil pastels
  • Liquid Watercolours
  • Wood eggs (I got mine from Clever Patch)
  • Brushes
How To:
  • Decorate Egg with oil pastels
  • Paint with liquid watercolours
The Results:

Happy Easter Everyone!


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