Saturday, 8 August 2015

Koi Fish and the Great Wave

It was a Japanese themed painting class a few weeks ago.  I spoke to the children about artist Hokusai and his painting "The Great Wave".

We also spoke about Koi fish and that they are a symbol of good luck and to never give up.  It is said that Koi can climb waterfalls.

I gave the children the choice of painting the Great Wave or some Japanese Koi fish.  Most choose the fish, however its actually the wave paintings that caught my attention.

I was lucky to pick up a few oval frames at a good price so the Monday class were lucky to paint on these.  For the rest of the classes I used an all time favourite of canvas sheets.  These I tape to boards with masking tape.  This leaves a lovely white border and ensures the paper stays flat whilst painting.  The quality of canvas is far superior to paper.  We used acrylic paints since they are thicker and give a good coverage over the canvas.

Here are the results:


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