Friday, 16 September 2016

Portrait of Dad using Clay and Oil Pastel

Yes, this is my THIRD post on Portraits of Dad - maybe I should have done them all in one?  Anyway I'm here now and here is my third way of doing a portrait of Dad for Father's Day.  These were produced by my lunchtime class at school in a 45 minute session - pretty impressive hey!  These children are in Prep - Grade 3 so I think the quality is pretty astounding considering their age and the limited time frame to produce these.  We also talked about Modigliani in this lesson so some of the long necks are influenced by this famous artist.

What you need:
  • Black pieces of cardboard (a lucky donation)
  • Oil Pastels
  • Balls of Clay
  • Spare Clay
  • Skewer
  • Watercolour Paints
  • Paintbrush & water pots
  • Glue
  • Sheet of plastic (I used overhead sheets also donated)
  • Clear gloss
How to:
  • Instruct the children to draw Dad onto the black cardboard using oil pastels
  • Then cover this with a sheet of plastic
  • Give them a ball of clay which they squish down onto the plastic until its the shape and size of Dad's head in their drawing
  • Using the extra clay, skewer and water children make and attach eyes, nose etc (demonstration on how to attach properly given first)
  • Using watercolours they added some colour to the clay (whilst still wet).
  • The following week (when dry) I removed the sheet of plastic and glued the head to the picture and added a clear gloss.
The Results:

I'm so loving these!  I hope the Dad's like them too!


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