Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Cakes Pop Up Workshop

What a wonderful pop up workshop this was!

The whole studio looked and smelt like a bakery.  It was a riot of colour.

1. The Cakes
The idea for these fake cakes came from two of my favourite Instagram  / blog accounts, Purple Twig and Meri Cherry.  Check out their feeds / blogs - these women are such an inspiration!

We used florist foam (very handy having a florist mum at the school - thanks Kelly Mills!) for our bases and the icing is a mixture of glue and shaving cream.  We used big bowls to mix it all up in and spatulas so we felt like we were real bakers.  I had a large selection of goodies in the middle of the table to add for decorations.  Children could also use Plasticine to make flames for their candles or cake toppers.

I put them on little foil boards to take home.

2. Donuts
This idea is again from Purple Twig.  I just cut up some white socks, sprayed them brown with liquid watercolours, rolled them into a donut shape and gave them to the children to decorate.  We used the left over icing from our cakes and added sprinkles and other decorations.

3. Cup cakes
I'm really into using salt dough at the moment!  I made some vanilla scented salt dough, which the children shaped into a cupcake and placed in a cupcake patty.  They then decorated these with icing and decorations.

The cupcakes and donuts fitted nicely into boxes that I got from our local bakery (thanks Molly Denes).

4. Lollipops and other edible goodies.
Finally we also used some coloured salt dough to make lollipops and other edible goodies.

5. Gigantic box cake
 In the end we still had a bit of icing left, so I went through the cupboards and found a box.  The children then decorated this as a group.  I hadn't planned this bit yet sometimes art that just happens is the best and I have to say I'm very happy with my giant cardboard box cake.  I'd seen a few cardboard box cakes on Instagram recently inspired by Meri Cherri and The Art Bar Blog.

I  have to say I just loved this workshop, so much so I'm running it again next school holidays - check out my holiday workshops page on this blog!



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