Thursday, 8 December 2016

Ceramic Cake Boxes

Loved how these turned out!

Yummy cake slice boxes that look good enough to eat...These were actually pretty easy to make, I had children from Prep - Grade 5 make these.  You don't need to fire them or glaze them.  I had a few children that painted them immediately so they could take them home.

What you need:
  • Clay (we use white EW paper clay - I use paper clay as it then gives me the choice to fire or not and it also holds up well for transporting to the kiln)
  • Skewers
  • Water
  • Template
  • Cake pictures 

How To:
  • Roll out clay into slabs (I did this prior to the children arriving and then handed out the slabs as I had quite a few young children doing this).  You could get the children to roll their own.
  • Hand out paper templates for box (I made my own, it just had a lid & bottom (the same, triangle with curved back), two sides (rectangles) and a back (small rectangle), I photocopied it onto office paper).
  • Get the children to trace the template onto their clay by going over all the lines with a pencil
  • Remove template and then cut out the shapes
  • Demonstrate how to join two slabs together (scratch and attach) and how to assemble the box
  • Get the children to do this to theirs
  • Check lid fits (you might need to adjust base slightly by squishing in the sides)
  • Decorate lid and sides of cake with extra clay and drawing with skewer
  • Dry and fire in kiln
  • Glaze (we used brush on glazes and then fired again)
  • Admire!
The Results - so impressed, the kids in my classes are the best!


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