Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Mother / daughter Pom Pom night...

I ran this workshop back in October & November last year, yet I'm so far behind in my blog posts I'm only just posting now.  Expect lots of posts coming your way in the next few weeks as I make an effort to catch up!

I thought this was a good one to start with as it's been on my mind with Mothers Day coming up.  I think I will schedule one for early June, a great Mother's Day present ( hint hint to any Dads reading this)..

The idea of the mother daughter night came from Edva Sims whom I follow on Instagram.  She ran one and it's looked so fun I just had to try. 

The process is pretty easy.  You just need lots of wool, forks, scissors and sticks.  I also supplied after dinner treats and hot chocolates as I ran them in the evening.

I demonstrated how to make Pom poms, we just used our hands as it's so easy.  I also showed the fork method and how to make a simple tassel.  Each mother daughter worked together to produce lots of Pom poms.  When they had enough they yarn wrapped a stick and worked out where each Pom Pom went.  The Pom poms were attached by threading wool through each one with a plastic needle.  Finally a piece of wool was added at the top for hanging.

I loved every single one.  What great work mother daughter teams!



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