Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Kelsey Montague Wings

I have a little obsession with Kelsey Montague.  I just love her work. I love the "what lifts you campaign". I love how it's about positivity and what inspires you in life.  Her little video about how it's good to be different or peculiar (part of a series to promote Miss Peregrine's home for Peculiar Children) was so inspiring for some of my students.

I had been planning a lesson based on her work for quite a while, yet it took some time to finally do it.

First we watched the videos about her work.  We also looked  at various wing shapes and talked about pattern and zentangle designs.

What you need:
  • Black paper
  • White markers
  • Pencils and erasers
  • Camera, printer 
  • Blue tac
How to:
  • Take a photo of each child with their arms stretched out as if posing in front of a wings mural
  • On a black piece of paper get them to draw their wing shape and go over with white marker
  • Fill in wings with pattern and zentangles
  • Print out photo, cut out and blue tac (or you could glue) on.
  • Admire
The results:

So so love these too.  I have my children's up in our house.


For my school class where I couldn't take photos of them they added a printed dog, as Kelsey often takes photos of dogs posing with her wing murals.


Preschooler Wings
Since these wings would be too hard for my preschoolers I came up with an alternative.  I pre cut wings out of black paper, got them to decorate them with white paint and glitter.  Once dry I added some cardboard to the back with sting attached to it and some bamboo skewers to hold up the paper.  They children then wore their wings home the following week...




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  1. what visuals of line designs as far as technique did you share with your students, in addition to Kelseys work?