Sunday, 16 April 2017

Sculpture Lesson

In this lesson we looked at 3D artworks and especially the work of Dale Chihuly.  There is no way we can do glass blowing in the studio (of course the kids were up for it) however you can replicate his style with melted plastic.  I have tried melting plastic cups in the oven before, however the results were a little disappointing.  Recently I saw a post on instagram by Sierra Madres with plastic bowls and thought I should try this.  I so happened to have a stack of donated overhead transparencies, a heat gun and lots of permanent markers.


In this lesson we also made stocking sculptures. I have seen these on a Pinterest and Instagram.  We cheated a bit and did them in one or two sessions.  Most instructions I found said to prime them several times before painting.  So ours were still soft like stockings and even see through yet I didn't mind this.

Chihuly Inspired Bowls

We watched several YouTube videos on Chihuly before starting the lesson.  The kids just love watching glass blowing...

What you need:
  • Overhead transparencies 
  • Permanent markers
  • Gun
  • Scissors
  • Bowl to trace around
  • Tin can covered in foil
How to:
  • Trace around bowl with permanent marker (any colour yet advise that you might see this so get them to choose colour carefully)
  • Cut out
  • Colour in circle.  It works best with blocks of colour rather than simple lines.
  • Place on upside down tin can covered with foil
  • Use heat gun to melt plastic moving around all sides (have the gun close yet not touching the plastic)
  • Let cool for a few minutes and remove from can.
Tips: older children can use the heat gun themselves.  Younger children can hold it with you or you can do it for them. These look great stuck to a window with blue tac.

The Results:



We also made some Chihuly inspired art with muffin pans and spray watercolours..


Stocking Sculptures

As with most of my projects I had children aged 5-12 yrs make these so they are not just for older children which is what I usually see doing these.

What you need:
  • Knee high stockings 
  • Blocks of wood (I just got a fence picket from the hardware store and cut into pieces)
  • Drill
  • Wire coat hangers (recycled or from supermarket)
  • Spray paint (we use sugar spray low toxic, outside with masks)
  • Acrylic paint, brushes, pots, glitter
How to:
  • Get the children to bend the coat hanger into a shape.  You can either cut off the hooked end and use that shape or unravel the twisted bit and use that shape.  Some younger children had difficulty bending the wire so I helped a bit.
  • Drill one or two holes into the wood and push the coat hanger into them
  • Cover wire with a stocking, pulling very tight and pull right over block of wood
  • Spray paint (I limited to one colour) and let dry
  • Add patterns with acrylic paint (option to add glitter too)
The Results:

They are very unusual and cool.....




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