Sunday, 16 April 2017

Preschool Self Portraits

These are very simple yet I love how they turned out..

What you need:
  • Black permanent markers
  • White paper
  • Streamers
  • Thick paint brushes
  • Water pots
How to:
  • Ask the children to draw themselves
  • Let them have several attempts so you can choose the best one.  Encourage them, telling them to draw eyebrows, hair, etc....
  • Next give them another piece of paper
  • Hand out pieces of streamer, water pot and paint brush
  • Demonstrate how to lay streamer on paper, apply water by dabbing on top of streamer and leave for a while before removing streamer to see bled colour underneath
  • Keep them going until most of their paper is covered by colour
  • Some children love this process so I just keep giving them more paper and let them do several if they wish
  • Cut out portrait and glue to bleeding streamer background when it is dry
The Results:



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