Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Easter Holiday Challenge - Winners & Entries

WOW - the standard of the Easter Holiday Challenge was just amazing.  So much creativity and hard work went into these entries.  Well done to everyone who entered.  It was such a challenge deciding the winners.

The theme for the Easter Holidays was to produce a piece of artwork with a little baby chick (which I handed out at the end of last term).   Every single entry could have won yet unfortunately I don't have that many prizes...

Drum roll please..... the winners were:

1st Prize - Liv B & Caitlyn (equal 1st)
2nd Prize - Alix M (2nd)
3rd Prize - Abby B & Chloe M (equal 3rd)
Highly Commended -  Zahra, Harper, Ruby & Sophie (team entry), Mia & Immy (team entry)

Well done to Jess, Maia, Xavier, Bella, Lucy E, Adelaide, Stella, Lizzie, Mia B, Gracie, Pepper, Matilda and Clemmie for super entries as well.  Apologies if I missed someone.  They were all so excellent.
Alix M - 2nd Prize
Well done to everyone who entered, thanks for continuing to create over the holidays, I hope you enjoyed it!  I loved looking at your entries and deciding the winners.  Please see below photos of all the amazing entries I received.

Clemmie & Matilda

Zahra - Highly Commended

Caitlyn - Equal 1st Prize

Chloe M - Equal 3rd Prize



Mia B

Liv B - Equal 1st Prize




Abby B - Equal 3rd Prize
Abby B - equal 3rd Prize


Mia K and Immy (Highly Commended)

Zahra (inside) Highly Commended

Ruby & Sophie (Highly Commended)

Ruby & Sophie (Highly Commended)

Lucy Ellis


Harper - Highly Commended

Jess (Highly Commended)


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