Wednesday, 12 April 2017


There are so many good robot art projects out there.  Here are a few we have done recently..

Robot puppets.  Inspired by Meri Cherry.  There is a great tutorial on her blog.
These were done with my preschool class.



Drawn robots with silver and gold paint.
Done by my preschool class and lunchtime class (which is mainly prep -2)



Collage Robots.
Done by my preschool class, lunchtime class and Prep lunchtime class.
I had a lucky donation of foam bits so I spray painted these gold.  I also put out paper scraps, dot stickers, black markers etc and then left them too it.



Cup Robots
Done by my preschool class.
Just turn a small cup / shot glass upside down.  Hot glue on a polystyrene ball.  Give the children matchsticks, toothpicks, beads, google eyes / sticker eyes etc to add.




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