Sunday, 21 April 2013

Bubble Painting

I've read about bubble painting on a few other blogs and have been curious to try it.  Its such a simple concept really yet for the children the process is so much fun.  We had bubbles going everywhere with lots of BIG bubbles and lots of LITTLE bubbles.  The sound of all the bubble blowing in the studio was wonderful - music to my ears.

  • Watercolour Paper
  • Bubble Paint Mixture in containers in lots of different colours (poster/tempura paint, water and dish soap mixed together in approx equal amounts.  I just mixed and tested it till it seemed about right)
  • Straws (put a hole in the top to prevent the kids sucking the paint rather than blowing)
How To:

Ask the children to blow bubbles with the straws by inserting them into the paint containers.  It is important that they blow rather than suck!  I still freaked out a few times when kids said they swallowed some (I did use non toxic paint yet surely it can't be good for them.  They also seemed to manage to suck even with the holes in the straws).  I thought that type of thing would only happen with toddlers doing this rather than 5-12 yr old kids yet there you go.... 

Once they have a nice amount of bubbles above their container place the paper on top to get a bubble print.  We found that sometimes it worked really well by holding the paper on top of the container and then blowing the bubbles.  We had different colour containers placed around the table and the kids moved around the table taking their straws and paper with them to each colour. It was a fun process orientated session.

The results were pretty good too!

Watch out for my final post on this weeks lessons
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