Sunday, 14 April 2013

Creative Holidays

I love school holidays its so nice not rushing in the morning to get to school and not having to make school lunches!  The kids and I usually do lots of craft during school holidays.  This is what we have been doing lately......

We were away in New Zealand for the first 10 days of the holidays and even though we were busy catching up with friends and family, bathing in hot pools, playing at the beach, kayaking, walking, playing Lego and reading books we managed to fit in some ART.  We decorated boiled eggs with our friends in Auckland. We painted with watercolours on watercolour paper (we took a travel set and notebook with us), we drew pictures on the beach with sticks, we sketched in our notebooks with pencils and we played drawing games (eg when one person draws half a picture and then you swap).

The kids seem to be drawing all the time at the moment and are truly inspired.  I purchased them notebooks prior to going away and they loved having these.  It has even inspired me to purchase one for each child in my class.  I added our own Sunnyside Art House cover and will tie on a pencil with a ribbon.  Hopefully this will inspire the children to continue drawing at home after class.

When we got home Autumn had finally set in so we collected Autumn leaves and preserved them (by painting them with Mod Podge).  Then we hung them up on a window with blu tack, don't they look pretty with the sun shining through! 

The kids made kites and things out of pipe cleaners and Popsicle sticks whilst I cleaned the studio.  Poppy had a friend over and they made a lovely collage with buttons, ribbons, sequins and stickers.  I love seeing what they come up with when left entirely to their own devices. 

We baked Gingerbread men and decorated them with edible markers.  The kids are actually quite proud of these creations and are finding them difficult to eat or give away.

We made some more window art by cutting out plastic dividers and cellophane and stuck them to our window with a mixture of dish soap and water.

We all had a play with some clay and made a jug (me), a bowl (Poppy) and a car (Leo).  I played around with an owl design I want to try with the class.

The week before the holidays we also did a few Easter theme crafts.

Poppy and I made a yarn egg.  I was going to do this with class yet decided it would be too hard for the younger kids.

I made a paint chips Easter egg banner (testing an idea..)

Poppy and Leo also decorated our blackboard wall under the stairs with an Easter theme.

Did you do anything fun and creative over the holidays?  Feel free to comment below.


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