Sunday, 13 April 2014

April Workshop Madness....

The first week of the school holidays flew by for us in a whirlwind of art workshops (6 in fact - check out the details on my holiday workshops page).

Lots of fun was had by all and some truly amazing artwork was produced.  I was way too busy to take my usual amount of photos yet here are a few that capture some of the wonderful artwork / science experiments.  It was very MESSY yet with mess comes lots of giggles and FUN!

Well done to all the kids for being so well behaved and for getting creative these holidays!

Pottery and children's pots from the wheel



leaf printing

glass mosaic suncatchers

Easter egg suncatchers

Nature suncatchers

Easter egg sun catcher

Yarn eggs

Wax resist and watercolours Easter Eggs

Watercolour Easter Eggs

Watercolour Easter Egg

Watercolour Easter Egg

Watercolour Easter Egg

Glass Mosaic sun catchers (with other sun catchers underneath)

Melted Crayon Sun catchers

Nature Suncatcher

Balloon Printing

Balloon prints on the rack

Bubble Printing

Oil and Water Prints (and experiment)

Oil and water prints (and experiment)

Group Tall Painting

Messy art room after abstract painting class

Elephants toothpaste experiment

Vinegar and baking soda balloon experiment


Drying rack full of abstract paintings

Splatter Painting

Splatter (and pour) painting

Leaf printing

Leaf Printing

Shaving cream marbling (pity I don't have pictures of the MESS!!)

Milk Prints (from the erupting milk experiment)
Drawing on Foil - Easter Bunnies

Abstract Painting

Abstract Painting

WOW what FUN!


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