Sunday, 20 April 2014

Filling your home with some Easter Art....

Not only did my kids produce some great artwork in my Easter Art workshop (some pics below).  We also produced other artworks for the house to give it that Easter vibe.

We decorated the chalkboard under the stairs (and made lots of foam cars and people to go on the stairs - not Easter themed yet it entertained the kids for a good hour (sets available at Kmart for around $3 each):

We decorated our windows with liquid chalk (never used this before yet spotted it in Kmart - it works really well yet comes in limited colours):

We made Easter Egg Suncatchers (home & in workshop):

We decorated boiled Easter Eggs (in workshop):

I decided to go for the Fun process art decorating on these and admittedly they didn't all work out.  We did shaving cream marbled eggs (lots of fun yet didn't really work), tie dyed eggs (these did work and two are above - wrap eggs in paper towel that had been dripped with vinegar and food colourings) and the final were Volcano Eggs - so much fun yet sometimes don't work.
We made more yarn eggs (in workshop):

We did wax resist and watercolour Easter Eggs (in workshop):

We made foil Bunny pictures (at home and in workshop):

We made Easter shapes out of moulding goo (another Kmart cheapie).  A very strange substance, I'm still not sure about it yet the kids seemed to enjoy it and played with it for a good hour.

We had a chocolate Easter egg hunt, an Easter treasure hunt using clues in plastic eggs and played the egg and spoon race.

THEN we ATE chocolate EASTER EGGS!

Wishing you and your families a wonderful Easter!


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