Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Washing on a Line

My daughter owns the "Usborne 365 things to do with paper and cardboard" book and she had tagged this lesson as one to try (its on page 94).  We took their concept of washing on a line yet made it more 3D by adding wool for the line, clothes made out of material and we used those little craft pegs you can find at the $2 store.

What you need:
  • A3 cartridge paper (2 per student)
  • Wool
  • Craft Pegs
  • Scraps of Material, buttons
  • Hot glue gun
  • Water Soluble Pastels & Water Pens (you could use paint, texta or normal pastels instead)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Blue, green and Pink Liquid watercolours
  • Cotton buds
  • Green watercolour Pencil 

 How To:

The Background:
  • Paint the grass green and the sky blue.
  • Use a tissue to dab off some sky paint to make clouds
  • Using a cotton bud, add flowers in pink paint
  • Add stems and leaves with the green watercolour pencil
The Buildings:
  • Draw two structures for the washing line to go between (buildings or trees)
  • Colour in
  • Cut out
  • Paste to the background
The Washing Line:
  • Cut a piece of wool to fit between the two buildings and hot glue into place
  • Make clothes for the washing line out of material or paper
  • Peg to the washing line using the craft pegs
We did this over two weeks so that the background had a chance to dry before gluing on the buildings.

The background looks great in this one - looks as if its raining!

The Results:
Lots of pretty washing flapping in the breeze.....

I searched high and low for an artist of the week that would go with this lesson.  In the end I decided to choose someone I found on the Internet - to demonstrate to the children that there are many different ways people can promote their work. Our artist of the week when we did this lesson was Nel Jansen (click here for more information - you may need to scroll down).

Cheers Fiona

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