Sunday, 14 September 2014

Cardboard and Paper Masks (inspired by Kimmy Cantrell, Picasso & Eric Shaw)


We had a lot of fun with masks this lesson.  This lesson was inspired by this post on Mary Making - thanks! 

First we made cardboard masks out of some recycled cardboard boxes and decorated them with bits and pieces I had lying around and oil pastels.  We attached sticks to them to hold them up.  These were inspired by Eric Shaw's fun cardboard masks. 

Secondly we drew a Kimmy Cantrell / Picasso inspired mask with oil pastels, coloured it in, cut in out and stuck it on black paper.  These were inspired by the work of  Primary Seven Quarryhill.

For more information on Kimmy Cantrell, Eric Shaw and Picasso click here to go to my Artist of the Week page.

These masks were used for inspiration when we created ceramic masks the following lesson (post to come soon when they have been fired).

The Results:

Kimmy Cantrell / Picasso inspired Oil Pastel Masks

Eric Shaw inspired Cardboard Masks


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