Friday, 12 September 2014

Picasso inspired Faces

The thing I love about a Picasso lesson is that anything goes.  If the ear doesn't line up or the eyes don't match it doesn't matter - just say it's a Picasso.  This is a fun lesson as you just go with what happens and it really doesn't matter how the painting turns out.

With Picasso being such a famous artist I set up table easels around the room and encouraged the children to paint like a real artist, mixing colours on a palate, choosing their own size brushes and paints.  They were also responsible for completely cleaning up after themselves (I often let them get away without doing this...silly me...)

We started the lesson with a warm up exercise a "Roll a Picasso" - see the handout here.  I got them to move easels each time they rolled the dice so they were adding to someone else's picture. This gave them the opportunity to really loosen up and try new combinations of features on a face. If there were extra rolls of the dice before they got back to their spot I got them to add anything the picture needed (hair, hat, body, more eyes etc).

We then moved onto doing a practice Picasso face on a piece of paper and when this was complete they copied this onto a canvas board and painted.  I encouraged using watered down black paint for the outlines as the final step.

The Results:


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