Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Snow Men and Polar Bears

SNOW was our theme for the lesson a few weeks back.  Very appropriate as Melbourne had its coldest day in years and it snowed in some very unlikely places,  making the news.  So snow was on every ones mind and snow was a good thing to concentrate on in art.  Actually I had a few children missing as they were at the snow on holiday.... Of course in Australia doing a snow theme in July seems a bit weird as its kinda a Christmas theme yet it is the snow season here..

We started the lesson making our Snow Globes - click here for that post.

Then we moved onto Snow inspired paintings.  I took inspiration from Deep Space Sparkles post on 3/4 snow men and I got the idea for the polar bears from somewhere on the Internet yet can't remember where (please feel free to let me know if you come across it).  What I love about both these ideas is that they are close up and not of the whole subject.  I emphasised to the children that often you don't paint a whole object yet only some of it close up.

What you need:
  • Tempera Paint Blocks
  • A3 cartridge paper
  • White Paint
  • Cotton tips
How to:
  • Demonstrate how to draw a close up Snowman and Polar Bear (I let the children choose which one to paint, some did one, some did both)
  • Draw in pencil, rub out any lines you don't want
  • Paint with Tempera paints
  • Add snow with either fingertip or cotton tips
  • Add texture to the polar bear by adding white with a fingertip
The Results:




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