Thursday, 22 October 2015

Glue and Chalk Pastel Peacocks, Flowers and Other....

I always love the combination of glue and chalk pastel.  The glue gives such a lovely outline for the chalk pastel. This is a two part lesson as you need to let the glue dry overnight.

In the past I have found some children find it difficult to draw with glue yet this time around they all seemed rather good at it.  Maybe its because we have done it before or maybe its the group I have.  I had children as young as 6 drawing like experts with glue.  The trick I think is to encourage to draw big and I got them to test the glue lines first on a scrap piece of paper so they could see how thick a glue line was.  I pointed out that if their lines were too close the glue would run together.  I just use standard PVA glue that I buy in bulk bottles (transferred into Elmer's glue bottles since I like their lids).  I test all the bottles first before I put them on the table.

Patty at Deep Space Sparkle just posted about glue and chalk so you must check out her post.  I literally read her post hours after I finished my 4th lesson on this for the week.

I used the oil pastel method with the children who were away the first week and this also works wonderfully well (sorry I forgot to capture photos of these).

I spray the work with hairspray, check the glue lines have been cleaned up (I get the children to use a cotton tip dipped in water to do this) then package all the work into folded pieces of newspaper before sending home.

Check out some of the wonderful art produced:

I'm in love with peacocks after we produced these fab gold ones in the holidays.  I gave them a guided drawing demonstration of a peacock first.

Flowers:  Always a favourite topic for me, large Georgia O'Keeffe inspired flowers.  I just asked that they were as BIG as they could draw.

Free Choice:  I let them do a third picture of free choice if they wished.

Finally my early finishers started experimenting with pastel stenciling. Loving this technique, you may see more of this.....



  1. Great post, Fiona! I love the peacocks, too. Def pinning. Thanks for sharing your talented students works.

  2. I have found two blogs about doing oil pastels with the white glue outline. I am a little lost. What is the white glue outline's purpose?