Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Holiday Workshop Wrap Up

Here is my post holiday workshop wrap up...

I just love to do this post as it gives me a chance to review all the amazing photos of the students work that happened over the holidays.  The art flies out the door so fast I don't have time to truely appreciate it until after the workshops have finished.  As always I just loved running these workshops.  The children were a delight, the weather kind to me and I smiled every day.

Check out what the amazing artists produced:

Handmade Gifts
This was actually a hard one to photograph as we put everything in their bags as they were produced to keep them together.  In the bag is handmade magnets, key rings, stickers, bookmarks and CD Spinners.

Snowmen, Polar Bears and Snow globes:
Sorry no photos of the snow globes - I'm sure I took photos yet I can't find them.  It was actually sunny rather than snowing when we painted these, I should have scheduled this one for the winter holidays....

Pom Pom Animals:
Sorry some of these photos seem to be missing too....lots of cute animals made..

Watercolour Zebras and Octopus
Such funky zebras!  Considering some of these children were in Prep they did such a good job!

Gold Painted Peacocks and The Tree of Life:
I have a bit of a peacock obsession now and I'm already searching for the next gold paint project..... 

This workshop was just lovely and relaxing.  For first time needle felters they did a fabulous job.  Only two band aids handed out for minor pricks. The mice are sooooo cute!

I'm already planning the next school holiday workshops.  With the warmer weather I'm hoping to include Science Art, Street Art, Action Art and Pottery.  Keep an eye on the holiday workshops page for more information and email me at Sunnysidearthouse@gmail.com if you wish to go on the distribution list.


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