Saturday, 1 June 2013

Chalk Pastel Cameleon's

This is another great lesson from the Deep Space Sparkle ecourse I did.  It's using my favourite medium Chalk Pastels.  I just love the mess of them, the ability to smudge them (and cover mistakes), the vibrant colours, the ability to blend,  the easy prep and clean up and finally the lovely results! It was tagged as a lesson for Grade 4 & 5 so I wasn't sure how my Prep & Grade 2 students would handle it.  I'm really pleased everyone gave it a go and did an excellent job (Preps were given the option to draw a snake instead yet they really wanted to try this).

You will need:
  • Chalk Pastels
  • Black Paper
  • Black oil pastel
  • Pictures of Cameleon's
  • Fixative or Hairspray (optional)

How To:
  • Demonstrate how to draw a lizard on the whiteboard.  I've been getting the children to do a practice on white paper first and then following along a second time on the black paper.  Often the second attempt is much better and it enables them a few goes if they make a mistake. 
  • Get the children to draw their outline in black oil pastel
  • Colour in with the chalk pastels, blending as they go.
  • Finish by going over their black lines with the black oil pastel a second time
  • Spray with fixative (optional)
The Results:


Our artist of the week was Edgar DEGAS.  I choose Degas as he comes to mind when I think of pastel drawings.  I've always loved his style, especially the beautiful drawings/paintings of ballet dancers (of which many are done in pastel).  I showed the children some of his other works and there were a few giggles at the naked figures so I explained the human body is something that is wonderful to draw or paint and is called lifedrawing.
Edgar Degas - Blue Dancers

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